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Broken or Loose Dentures?

We offer a fast denture repair service, whether it's a single tooth that has broken, or the whole denture; we can repair it at an affordable price.

Denture Repair Services:

1 Hr

Subject to availability.

Same Day

Bring us your denture before 1pm to pick up by 5pm.

Next Day

Bring us your denture before 4pm to collect by 5pm the next day.

Denture Cleaning Service also available

Loose dentures can be embarrassing particularly when you least expect them to move or even fall out. Knowing that your dentures are held secure in place when enjoying a meal with family and friends can be reassuring. Not only will you be able to relax, you can also enjoy those meals that have been thoroughly impossible.

Most importantly, secured dentures have the power to transform the way a person feels about themselves. Some people shy away from looking another in the eye due to loss of confidence and self-esteem. Some may even have trouble communicating because of the tendency to talk with their mouths partially closed.

Smiles are often suppressed because of missing teeth or loose dentures. HealthCare Elite can help bring back your smile with the below denture options.

Loose Denture Solutions:

Flexible Dentures

ComFlexin (Comfortable, Flexible and Beautiful) partial dentures are perfect for when you have just a few teeth missing.

Implant Dentures

Are perfect to secure acrylic dentures in place, so you can enjoy food that is tough to eat.

Traditional Dentures

Well-crafted acrylic dentures can remain secure even when eating difficult foods.

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