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Comflexin - Flexibility
Comflexin - 50% Thinner
  • 50% Thinner than the average acrylic denture, on average the thickness is only 1mm.
  • Closer fit, which means less chance of the dreaded denture 'fall-out'!
  • The ComFlexin™ material is made from thermoplastic nylon material.
  • Monomer Free - Acrylic monomer is linked to allergies in some people.
  • Unbreakable - the nylon based material will bend and flex without becoming brittle.
  • Secures itself to prevent movement during eating.
  • No need for metal clasps, ComFlexin™ is made to hug the teeth naturally.
Comflexin - Flexible Partial Denture
Comflexin - Flexible Partial Denture
  • Transparent pink material blends with your gums to help the ComFlexin™ to hide away.
  • Thinner design, If it feels good and looks good, it gives you the confidence to smile,'look younger' and enjoy life!

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Commonly Asked Questions

  • Q. How Quickly can I have my partial dentures?
    A. In some cases the partial dentures can be ready in as little as two visits, although four visits are standard
  • Q. Is there other shades available?
    A. It comes in Light pink, standard pink, light-dark pink and dark pink
  • Q. Will this procedure hurt?
    A. ComFlexin™ partial dentures are flexible and should cause no discomfort
  • Q. How long will my Comflexin™ denture last?
    A. It all depends on how well you follow the care guide. The ComFlexin™ denture material has a 5 year guarantee.
  • Q. How do I keep my dentures?
    A. When your dentures are not in use they should be soaked in water or denture cleaning solution. They should not be worn at night.