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Dental Implants

For individuals with missing teeth, dental implants are the perfect solution. Implants are usually made of strong titanium metal, which is inserted into the jaw bone. Once this is put in place the implant procedure can be completed by securing crowns, bridges or even dentures onto the implant. To make the procedure more comfortable local anaesthetic will be administered. It is likely that several appointments will be required for this procedure.

There are many implant systems available and these will be discussed with you by the dentist.

A free 15 minute consultation* is offered to discuss your implant options. Please call us to make your appointment.

* Please note the free consultation does not include a dental check-up.

Dental Implant

Tooth Whitening

As a person gets older, adult teeth naturally become darker due to mineral changes in the tooth. This is made worse by staining due to coloured food/drink, tobacco and even certain medications.

With a world increasingly focused on beauty and youth, it's no wonder that professionally performed tooth whitening has quickly become one of the safest, most common, anti-ageing cosmetic treatments in the market today.

HealthCare Elite are proud to offer Saber Tooth White, the complete home whitening system.