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Tooth loss leads to unsightly gaps, tipping of teeth and over eruption of opposing teeth. This reduces function and may have a detrimental effect on both your jaw joints and your facial appearance due to height reduction of the bite. It is our belief that missing teeth should be replaced soon after the natural tooth is lost. Headaches and neck pain can be avoided by timely intervention and the fabrication of a bridge at the correct height.



HealthCare Elite works closely with UK’s leading dental laboratory Costech Elite, who specialise in creating beautifully crafted natural looking crowns. These are either constructed by a fully trained technician using CAD (Computer Aided Design) technology, with the crown being milled from a porcelain block, or hand crafted.

Many types of crowns are available from porcelain bonded (usually bonded to precious or non-precious metals), glass ceramic, layered zirconia to solid zirconia. Your dentist will explain to you which type of crown will suite your particular requirement.


Maryland bridge

is a porcelain tooth with wings that are bonded to either one or both teeth adjacent to the gap. This type of bridge has minimal preparation.

Cantilever bridge

One or more teeth adjacent to the gap are prepared. This is ideal for fixing a small tooth that is missing to a toothwith long roots or with more than one root.

Fixed bridge

is a conventional bridge spanning two points with a pontic in the middle. This is ideal for long spans and also where bite strength is important.


For teeth that are crooked, stained, chipped or otherwise unsightly, dental veneers may be the restoration of choice. There are various types of veneers available. HealthCare usually recommends Thineers or Elite Veneers. Veneers can be placed directly onto an existing tooth structure without any preparation, injections, drilling or removing a healthy tooth. In some cases some preparation may be required.


With the use of study models and diagnostic wax ups, you will have a visual representation of your final restoration before committing to the procedure.


are the latest innovation in ultra-thin porcelain veneers and they are perfectly suited for a Hollywood smile.

Elite Veneers

  are more aesthetic, being slightly thicker than Thineers, meaning a little more tooth preparation will be required.

Composite Veneers

 are usually a short term solution made from white composite (dental filling) material.