Private Dentistry For You and Your Family

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Mercury Free Fillings

White composite fillings are generally better preferred as they create a more natural aesthetic look. We use premium material for all fillings as well as match the shade to your natural teeth, giving you confidence in your dental treatment.

Root Canal

The area inside the tooth (the pulp) can become infected and cause dental pain. If your tooth has become severely infected, you may require root canal treatment to remove the infected roots to prevent further bacteria from spreading. The area inside the tooth is then filled with white composite material.

Local anesthetic is usually administered to make the treatment more comfortable. Root canal treatment can prevent tooth extraction if the infection is caught early.

Routine Check Ups

We will call you back for a routine dental check up every 6 months to help you maintain optimal health of your teeth and gums. Some people may need more frequent check-ups depending on your oral health.

It is good practice to have your teeth checked regularly even if you are not experiencing any problems. This is so that any untreated issues such as plaque build-up, you may not be aware of can easily be treated and help prevent further complications.

Tooth Extraction

This treatment may be required for many reasons. It could simply be a child’s milk tooth that has become loose, or an adult tooth that has become severely decayed. It is commonly carried out to remove painful wisdom teeth. Dental x-rays may be taken to determine whether tooth extraction would be the best solution.

If tooth extraction is required then you will generally be treated under local anesthetic, which will numb the area, so you do not feel any pain.

Your dentist will give you full after-care instructions to care for the affected area.

Tooth Extraction