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Flexible Dentures

This flexibility allows the partial denture to go places a standard acrylic denture cannot. It uses these 'spaces' to 'softly grip' and secure itself to prevent movement.

The nylon based material is ideal for those who suffer from monomer allergies as acrylic is not used to make these dentures. ComFlexin™ dentures are up to 50% lighter and thinner than standard acrylic dentures. The translucent material blends with your gums making them virtually unnoticeable.


To find out more about this particular flexible dentures, please follow the ComFlexin™ link

Implant Dentures

The 3M MDI system consists of a miniature titanium alloy implant that acts like the root of your tooth. The top of the miniature implant protrudes through your gums. Tiny caps are inserted into the underside of your existing denture- although sometimes it may be advisable to have a new denture made. When you wear your denture, the caps click onto the round head of the implant and securely hold your denture in place.

This procedure can be carried out in as little as one hour. HealthCare Elite offer a free 15* minute consultation to discuss your implant options. Please call us to make your appointment. * Please note the free consultation does not include a dental check-up.

Denture Implants

Traditional Dentures

All our traditional dentures are made from high quality acrylic denture material, giving you the confidence in our exceptional work. Acrylic dentures are suitable for when most teeth are missing and in some cases even when a single tooth is missing. Our dentist can advise the best option for each individual need.

Standard dentures have acrylic bases to which high quality teeth are set. Options for these teeth will be discussed at your initial appointment. Many people who have had full dentures for years can look considerably younger once new dentures are fitted at the correct bite height. It is so important to get this height accurate as it helps re-tone facial muscles and gives back a good-looking lip line. It truly contributes to a non-surgical face-lift.